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A doctor telling you that your diabetes is Type 2 can be shocking. It can sometimes be hard to accept that this is a serious condition.

You might find it difficult to live your normal life if you change the way you eat and how you monitor your blood sugar.

It has been recommended that you eat MyPrep Delivery. This includes no processed foods. Many people can manage Type 2 diabetics by simply choosing the right food and increasing their activity.

Preparing your food is an essential part of your healthy eating plan. You can make a difference in whether you stick to your diet or get off the wagon.

Food prep is a time-consuming task that will require you to spend hours cooking each meal.

However, proper food preparation can make it so that you don't spend as much time in the kitchen while still following your healthy eating habits.

You want to save time when food prepping? Let's get started on healthy eating.

Purchase Pre-Cut Veggies. First, pre-cut vegetables can be a good option for those who have trouble getting in their veggies. It may cost you a little more to buy them pre-cut, but it will get you your veggies in.

Another option is to use frozen vegetables in your meals, though they won't be as delicious. You can add them just a few moments before your meal is done.

Slow Cook in batches. A slow cooker is a great option. Slow cooking is a simple way to get food on your table. You just need to throw everything into the slow cook and forget it.

Slow cook large batches that can be used as leftovers for up to 3 to 4 more days.

Use Your Freezer Wisely. Use your freezer wisely to avoid having leftovers. If you have a lot of food to prepare, make sure you freeze 3-4 portions per container so that you can take it out as a quick meal.

Either buy freezer safe Tupperware or freeze leftovers in old' margarine cans if you already have them. Either option will work.

Designate one Day as The 'Cooking’ Day for each week. Also, you might consider dedicating one day per week to cooking. Sundays work well for this purpose, as most people don’t do too much. Spend a couple of hours making sure you have enough food for your week.

Even though you might not be able do it all, it's easier to get them ready during a hectic work week.

These are great tips for meal planning. These tips can help you lose weight and lower your blood sugar.