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Ah, the beloved espresso machine. It's what we depend upon in the mornings, as well as what gets us through late nights and long meetings. It's amazing what this little gadget can do. Let me give you the details, my best coffee machine-loving friend.

Coffee maker's primary function is to brew beans. Use hot water and ground beans to make a great cup. But there is so much more, just like with everything else.

Different brewing methods are used by different coffee makers. One type is the classic drip model. It drips hot milk through a coffee bean-filled filter. The coffee grounds are separated from the liquid through a french press using a metal mesh screen filter. Single-serve coffeemakers can also quickly and easily brew beverages using pods, capsules, or both.

A coffee maker doesn't have to be a one trick pony. Many machines now have additional functions, including milk frothing for cappuccinos and lattes, fresh bean grinders, and programable settings that ensure the perfect cup every single time.

It is important to remember aesthetics. Coffee makers are more than just appliances. They can be beautiful, stylish additions to your kitchen counters.

But let's not forget, a coffeemaker is much more than a device that makes coffee. It encourages social interaction. We gather in the break-room at work to chat with our colleagues or invite others over for a catchup.

A coffee maker can do more than make coffee. It can enhance relationships, make mornings more pleasant, and even add some flair to your kitchen. It's a small, simple device that makes it possible. So take a moment to remember that next time you have a glass of warm liquid gold.