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Recent studies show that teens are the most active internet audience visit this link. According to recent studies, ninety percent (90%) of American teenagers use internet for entertainment and research purposes. Teenagers are more likely to lose touch with their social skills, and they prefer to do things their way through the internet. While independence may be a good thing, there is the danger that these children will go beyond their capabilities when downloading or viewing sites. The danger is serious. It's up to society to take action.

The government has passed laws protecting children. Parents have secured their computers with software that acts as a monitoring device. The church is also following this trend by creating its own internet site. High-end church website designs have been used by the church to provide everything teens need in order to reduce their risk of visiting unsavorable sites. To enhance the research skills of church visitors, every church website includes a Bible Search feature. This breakthrough allows you to easily find Biblical verses or passages.

The online church system is also designed to accommodate teenagers' blogging interests. Both church leaders and parishioners have the opportunity to blog about church events and other church-related activities. Virtually all church web design experts offer online prayer. Visitors can type in their prayers to be sent to their bishops, priests, and ministers. Clicking a box will allow visitors to indicate whether they are happy for their prayers to be posted. The church leaders and members can also use the volunteer forum sections. This section allows members to sign up for volunteering opportunities. In return, the church can track all those who have signed up and send them a mass email with further information and updates.