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This is probably the first time you've read this article. You may be considering purchasing a new flagpole or replacing an existing one. It can be difficult to keep up with all the options and prices offered on the Internet. This article will simplify it all to 10 questions. Once you have answered them, your flagpoles for sale shopping will be a breeze. Each paragraph includes a checklist. You can print this article to aid you with your purchase.

1.) Budget. The cost of a flagpole is comparable to the cost of a car. The answer is that it all depends. A lot of factors go into the cost for a flagpole. The price of a flagpole on the Internet can range from $50 to $2,500. It all depends on your budget. Most homeowners can find a good-quality flagpole kit online for as low as $100 to $300. Be sure to include any applicable taxes, shipping and installation charges (or the cost for a steak on your grill if you have it installed by your brother-inlaw).

The budget I have for a flagpole? $___________.

2.) Local Codes and Neighborhood Associations. Once you have determined a budget, check to see if there are any local ordinances or historic district restrictions that might restrict the erection and use of a flagpole. It is easy to check whether your proposed flagpole installation has been in violation of codes by using Google to search the name of the county along with "building codes". Some places have online documentation. You can always call the number listed to reach someone who can help you. If you belong to a local association, this information should be in the agreement. Or, you can always contact the association just for safety. If an inground flagpole is not feasible, you might be able choose a wall-mounted or posted flag set.

I am restricted from erecting a flagpole.

_____ Flagpoles in my area are restricted to a height limit of _____ feet.

_____ Flagpoles cannot be used in my neighborhood. However, I have the option to mount a flagpole on a wall and/or a flag post.

3.) Construction. The next thing is to decide what kind of flagpole you want. The original flagpoles were made from one-piece materials, typically steel or aluminium. Although you still see these flagpoles today, they have been replaced mostly by sectional or telescoping ones that are easier to ship, transport, and erect than their original one-piece counterparts. Sectional flagpoles are typically tapered at the ends to fit neatly into the section over it. Only a slight seam is visible up close. Each section typically measures 5 feet-6 feet in length. Telescoping flagpoles enjoy increasing popularity due to their simplicity of raising and lower flags, their low cost and portability. If you buy optional accessories, such as wheel stands or deck mounts, your telescoping flagpole can be taken to tailgate parties and the RV park. Telescoping poles have a number of advantages over one-piece sections or single-piece poles. They are lightweight and can be carried around with you wherever you go.