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Prospective dog owners have many options for how to obtain a puppy. You should do your research before you bring home a puppy. Breeding dogs is big business. Over half of the world has at least 1 dog. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on designer puppies for sale

The potential profit margins in the industry are high. But, there are some who will take shortcuts or break rules to maximize their profits. Make sure you only buy puppies from trusted breeders. He/she must be kind to the animals and take care of them.

Avoid pet shops

It is important not to buy a puppy, or dog, at a petshop. You may not be able to identify the origins of the dog or puppy. Puppy mills exist and most people know about them. They would not recommend that you purchase a dog from these facilities. You should avoid pet shops because it is impossible to tell where a pet-store pet was born (most likely from a puppy mill).

Find a reputable breeder

As we already stated, the best place to buy a puppy is from reputable breeders. But how can you find them. Start your search at your local dog show. Many breeders offer to show their dogs and are willing to speak with prospective buyers. It is possible to view the behavior, characteristics and personalities of your puppy’s siblings as well as their parents. All American Kennel Club Events can be found at the American Kennel Club Website. Alternativly it is possible to search the internet and find breeders that'show their dogs'.

The breed club can help you find the right breed for your puppy. For almost all breeds, the club can be found online. For membership to be valid, breeders must meet certain standards. This increases your chances of finding a well-respected breeder by using these channels.

Ask family, friends, or co-workers for their opinion. If you want a particular breed, it's possible to contact someone who has been involved in breeding. He or She will be able identify good breeders within the area.