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BBQ on a Budget: Our Top Picks for BBQs Under $500

There are a variety of BBQ grills in the market, with different shapes and sizes. The choice of the perfect BBQ can sometimes be confusing. But, it's just a barbecue. It used to be a round, basic BBQ which you would use with briquets. You don't need to be limited anymore, as the choices are limitless. Check out what's on offer. Charcoal barbecue grills – these are also available today and remain the preferred choice of outdoor cooks. It is their pride to know how many briquets will be needed for a certain temperature, depending on the amount and type of food they're cooking. Read more now on Experience the power of infrared grilling with our top picks for the best infrared grills under $500.

The art of barbecuing has been mastered by these experts. It doesn't matter what they prepare, everything turns out perfectly. Portable BBQ Grills – These grills are usually smaller and easier to transport in your car, truck or to the park or to the beach. The grills can be charcoal, electric or gas. There are many small tabletop grills and others that are larger but still lightweight. These grills are perfect for small parties because they aren't very large. Electric Grills.

Although they aren't very common, there is a market for them. The majority of electric grills have a small size and are designed to be placed on a table top. However, you can find full-size grills. This is perfect for someone who does not cook a lot but loves to grill the occasional BBQ. Grilling on the balcony is also a great option for those who live in an apartment. You don't need to use briquets, or even gas. Just plug in the grill. One time I only used the grill at the resort's balcony. Never used before but very pleased with results. I liked that you could just select the desired temperature and forget about it. The steaks turned out perfectly! These grills became very popular over the last 10 to 20 years.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, since there is no coal to dispose of or buy, and you can get heat almost instantly. If maintained properly, the heat will be evenly distributed. The grills are available in different sizes and they can even be quite fancy. As we moved to the town from the country, we switched over from charcoal grills. I initially resisted, but eventually got used the convenience. The convenience of being able to grill whenever you want without having to worry about whether you have briquets is great. It is possible to run out, but that's an issue you have once a year, and not every month.

BBQ Islands: These are the grills for those who take their barbecue seriously. The grills are huge and, though they come on wheels, you could also have them permanently installed on your patio. A grill can be built right into an island and is often accompanied by a refrigerator to store all the food you will need, without having to go into your house. Island grills can be made of stone or brick, and they add great ambience to patios. The majority of these grills are propane BBQ models.

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